The penny drops…

We should have recognized what was going on, shouldn’t we? I mean, why else would a man like that do such improbable things — and do them so badly — if he really wanted the job?

Whatever else we may say about him, even if it’s good, the underlying — oops, accidental insult there — image is Harold Hill, not Abraham Lincoln. So why did we….

It’s too embarrassing to go on. Just get ready for it. Come the Ninth of November, when he gets national, even international attention for a big public announcement, he’ll acknowledge that, yes, Mrs. Clinton will indeed be President. He, for his part, will be starring in a brand-new TV series called…

I don’t know for sure. But it will be great. No, make that GREAT. And everyone will laugh. Except GOP leaders and a bunch of down-ballot candidates swept away in the flood.

Maybe it won’t be so bad after all.

Then again, maybe it will. My early-morning bright-eyed self wrote the above. My mid-morning post-coffee wide-awake self is writing this.

Coffee does stimulate the brain.

Maybe I’ll feel better about it if I go back to bed.


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