Where are we going?

I have not posted anything — not much, at any rate — about the election. There are reasons, some of them valid. Yet I ask myself, why keep this blog at all if I don’t openly react to so remarkable an incident, so fraught an issue, so unattractive and unfit an about-to-be President?

First, as it’s most immediately critical, when will the entrenched GOP leadership wake up to what is happening — to their party, yes, but more seriously to our country and most critically to everyone’s world? It is not something they can ignore. Is it too much to ask if they can continue to tolerate it?

At the immediate level, the GOP is likely to continue accepting Trump’s comments and decisions, because so many of them play into — or seem to be in accord with — the basic right-of-center Republican agenda. At some point, however, they will have to recognize how far beyond the pale his momentum will carry them. And us.

Second, because it’s a contentious point and has been since Election Day, what about those who elected him, the people who voted for him?

There’s a whole school of political bloviating which blames it on stupidity of the underclasses. That will work some places, but not for me. I know and know of far too many people of comfortable means and apparent education who voted for Trump — not because they misunderstood his message — but because they knew exactly what he was saying: the misogyny, the racism, the classism, the appeal of ever-more benefits for those who already have more than their share.

Enough for now. I need to retire to a quiet place to think, and to calm my nerves. I am an old man, and do not fear for myself from a Trump Administration. But I have many children and grandchildren. I cannot ignore, or refuse to work against, the very real dangers and losses they face in the next four years, and beyond. I don’t want revolution or violence, as history and common sense reveal their pointlessness in most times and situations, the liklihood they will lead not to a better world, but to an even worse one.

We must find a peaceful and charitable way to stabilize and improve — for all its inhabitants — the world ahead of us.


2 thoughts on “Where are we going?

  1. We in New Jersey had a recent success. By flooding our legislators with calls, we were able to stop TWO of Chris Christie’s initiatives. That encourages me.
    There have to be enough of us out there that care deeply for our country to stop the worst of Trump’s initiatives. There is another election in two years.

    1. There are enough of us, Shelley. We need to work forward instead of looking backward. Stay encouraged and continue caring deeply about our country. If we cannot defeat him, we can work toward counterbalancing him. (We’d have needed to do the same with Clinton on some issues anyway.)

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