A few old words for the New Year

Three weeks now until power is handed over, from one of the best-intentioned and worst-beset Presidents in our history to the cleverest snake-oil salesman since Harold Hill.

Still, allow me to begin 2017 on a grace note, a small aside which need have no bearing on his over-all image or my evaluation of the man. A few of his remarkable actions — real or potential — have amused me and could actually work to my benefit.

He has sandbagged some of the more obnoxious fleas in the GOP fur, such as Giuliani and Gingrich.

His rumored plan to hang out in NYC instead of DC could work to my benefit. I live far enough from The City to escape the confusion but close enough to The Capital that my local economy could benefit.

And then there’s…

yeah, and then there’s the other stuff.

Happy New Year. Don’t emigrate. We’ll need all the help we can get.



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