“Grow up, Donald”

Tomorrow morning’s tweets from the the tweeter-in-chief can hardly fail to address a set of challenges from one of the oddly-overlooked and -underestimated figures of the soon-to-be-former administration.

If you haven’t seen it yet, please take time to watch as much as you can of Judy Woodruff’s interview on PBS with Vice-president Joe Biden.

It will brighten your evening, or your morning. Give you hope for an burst of sanity and coherence in the public forum. Make you wonder just whom the Democrats ought really to have nominated.

It’s on PBS. Watch. Cheer. Hope.


One thought on ““Grow up, Donald”

  1. Thanks for sharing, I needed this boost. And what about Joe anyway, too often dismissed as goofy but in reality one of the few brave or honest enough to say what he thinks. I hope he keeps it up, finds a forum after Jan 20

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