The ratings machine, etc

The more I watch and listen — to the main-stream media and friends and neighbors — the more certain I become of two factors in the last election.

  1. Trump did not win. Clinton lost. Her loss stemmed from two distinct but interrelated factors. One was her connection to — read: friendship and reliance on — big banks. The other comes from her casual dismissal of “deplorables.” It was not the specific quote, it was what having used that word revealed about her attitude toward millions of US citizens.
  2. It is — or will be at least for the first few months — counterproductive to make fun of Trump’s egomaniacal presentation. Mock his zeal for — and his success in gaining — the limelight and the headline, that splashy monomania is a big part of what makes him attractive. We’d like to think we had a President who was above tweeting at 3 am about his particular talent — “DJT the ratings machine” — but look, that’s exactly it. Ratings. Viewers. We might as well have elected one of the Kardashians.

Well, maybe I won’t go that far.


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