Hell of a way to run a railroad

If you’re in need of head-scratching material, try an on-line search for differences between “democracy” and “republic.”

Once you’ve decided how they differ, consider which one accurately describes what we — the USA — are. A casual read of the material, and a somewhat-less-casual fit of head-scratching led me to categorize us as two different places, trying to co-exist.

As is linguistically inevitable, Republicans follow in Republic’s footsteps, and Democrats in Democracy’s. So are we — in our political thinking — captives of casual nomenclature? What would happen if the two parties were called, say, the Fizzies and the Bubbles? Might we then find it easier to reach accord, to come to agreement, to resolve differences?

Please do not fritter away any more time here. I’m just rambling and figeting, trying to ignore all the media accounts of strange behavior on the part of those in power. But I cannot ignore them, of course. For one thing, they seem to imply that we are neither democracy or republic.

We are somewhere between kingdom and plutocracy.

2 thoughts on “Hell of a way to run a railroad

    1. Shelley: Your comment reminded me of a fable I wrote many years ago. I did add a couple of asides. I hope they do not have the effect of making this seem to have any relevance to current affairs.

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