For the conspiracy theorists among you…


I’ve been wondering for a couple days about the nastiness of some of those protesting against the maneuvers and machinations of the Trump regime. Wassa matta you guys, you don’t realize you’re playing into the man’s hands?

Then I tried to find out how many arrests had been made — for instance, at Berkley the other night — and learned almost nothing. Let’s have a look at those idiots, find out what they thought they were going to accomplish with hooliganism. Did they want to give the other protesters a bad name?

Then I came upon this piece by Robert Reich, tackling the very same question. You might find his speculation interesting. It matched my own pretty closely — which is to say, I’ll need some serious evidence before I let go of the suspicion that it was deliberate operation, the purpose of which was to make the whole protest business look bad.

Wait, wait. Am I trying to suggest that a man who has the ear of the President, I mean, somebody like Steve Bannon,  would engineer such a move?

Well, yeah, that’s about it.


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