We all need a break

I do, anyway. See, I just cannot do it. Cannot try to wrap my brain around current affairs.

Well, no, that’s misleading, not precisely a lie but an awkward metaphor which is liable to lead to a false conclusion.

The truth more simply and candidly phrased is that I do not want to spend any more of my time or yours (not counting what we spend on this short post) rambling or whining or positing or otherwise bloviating about the condition of our democracy.

Not that I despair of us or democracy but that searching out new grief today or whinging about yesterday’s can lead to no good place.

So from now on — and if possible, daily — I will try to post material as far as possible removed from current events.

Tomorrow’s post is alread in the works. It will be the latest iteration of a poetry-like thing I’ve been working on for weeks, and it will be up here for help rather than admiration. It’s sort of good in some ways, but it clearly needs sprucing up.

All comments welcome.


ps: I’ll very likely be fiddling around some with layout as well. It’s part of what’s called avoidance therapy. Not healthy, perhaps, but then….

2 thoughts on “We all need a break

  1. I feel the same, so burnt out and beaten down, a don’t-even-want-to -know kind of feeling. But at the same time I know we all have to be vigilant, someone has to report and we have to disseminate in some way. Just need to balance it with other happier things. I’m working on that too.

    1. Pretty much my sentiments as well. I don’t want to — constitutionally incapable of it — ignore current events or what they mean to me, my family, my world. But neither can I in good faith, good sense, and good humor dwell non-stop on them. So while I will, in my personal world, continue to read and think and worry about all the oviousnesses, I’ll spare most of the genteel public around my the feeble fury of my dismay.

      That won’t — cannot — last for long, but I think my spirit will regain some sense (dignity, humor, common, financial, mathematical, take your pick) and therewith will my soul and my comrades improve.

      Or not. Worth a shot.


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