The poor. Those, like children and fools and scoundrels, we will always have with us. But children grow up, fools occasionally learn, scoundrels sometimes get comeuppance; as individuals they pass on and are replaced by others. The poor — except for now and then a startling exception — remain poor. They carry their poverty with them and pass it on to their children.

I’ve been arguing for years that poverty is an ultimate result of excessive wealth. That is not to say that money is the root of all evil; money is a tool, no more good or evil than a plow or a book. It is the enormously unequal — and in a democratic society, unfair and potentially unlawful — distribution of available assets which causes the problem.

The idea is not a new one. Troublemakers like Jesus and Marx hit on it long before me. I’m still trying to sort out my thinking on the subject, and occasionally I use SOG as a sounding board. If you’re interested in exploring the subject, below are links to interesting web sites.

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